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30 Day Spot Removal Guarantee

Carpet Care

When you have Steam Masters clean your carpet you will get the ultimate service experience. We can assure you that you have never had your carpet cleaned until you have had “Steam Masters” take care of your carpet. Our van is equipped with the latest technology in the industry. With the power of our truck-mounted system, we are able to clean "impeccably" and get carpet slightly damp to the touch before we leave your home. Our Quality Has No Competition!

Our 7-Step Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Our technician will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpet. He/she will identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results.

Step 2: Pre-spot
Difficult spots are pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.

Step 3: Pre-spray
A preconditioning agent is applied to break down traffic area soil and general spots for more thorough cleaning.

Step 4: Pre-grooming
A professional carpet grooming tool is used to further loosen the soil in high traffic areas if needed.

Step 5: Steam Extraction and Neutralizing Rinse
The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed with our powerful truck-mounted system without over-wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind. Every carpet we clean is pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue left behind. This also leaves your carpet soft and fresh.

Step 6: Applying a Fiber Protection (Optional)
Most of our clients believe in having a protector applied to their freshly cleaned carpet. This will help in removing any spots or spills that may occur in between cleanings, extend the life of your carpet and help your carpet stay cleaner longer.
*** For longer carpet life and fewer permanent stains, be sure to have professional carpet protector applied to your carpet.

Step 7: Post Cleaning Inspection
Our technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results and to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the job.

**Furniture Moving
Our regular pricing includes moving light furniture such as sofas, chairs, small tables and smaller items. Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces are left in place under our regular pricing structure. Most furniture can be cleaned under or edged around. Any furniture we move will have blocks or clear plastic tabs placed under the legs.

Expert Tile & Grout Cleaning

When it's time to have your tile & grout cleaned call Steam Masters to get your impossibly dirty floor to sparkle again. Our state-of-the-art equipment will amaze you. Once you witness the power of our professional equipment and the results it produces you will never want to get down on your hands and knees to scrub for hours with harsh acids again. We can rescue you from that horrible cleaning task. We know because of how many times we are told that we make tile look new again.

We use our eco-friendly cleaning solutions along with the proper tools. Our truck-mounted systems has the proper heat, vacuum and pressure made to clean your specific type of tile. Once your tile is thoroughly cleaned we can apply a sealer to the grout to help protect it from foot traffic soiling and spills that happen. Most installed tile has not had the grout sealed because that requires coming back in about 72 hours to apply. When we come in we can seal your new floor while we are there. We only come back when it is time to fulfill your tile maintenance schedule.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Steam Masters is the company that you can trust to take care of even your most delicate fabrics in your home. We have the expertise to handle any situation. You shouldn't trust your expensive fabrics to just any company. Life happens...we understand that you may have spills, body oils, cooking oils, pet oops! or just plain every day messes that happen to your upholstery. No matter what happens, we know how to take care of it so that your upholstery can last a lifetime.

We use the latest in cleaning techniques, with the environment in mind to care for your upholstery. We do a thorough inspection of the upholstery & will determine what the proper cleaning procedure will be for your specific fabric. With the use of our powerful truck-mounted system, we are able to have your textiles clean & dry in no time. We recommend that you clean your upholstery at least once a year or sooner depending on the use. Once cleaned, the benefits of having fabric protection applied will help maximize your cleaning & will make it easier to clean up spills when Life Happens.

Call Steam Masters today & See What our 100% Money-Back Guarantee Service is all about. We have a thorough cleaning process, so you will get the Ultimate Clean no matter if you have light soiling or Extreme Soiling!

Don’t let just anyone clean your sensitive fabrics! Our company is experienced in cleaning the finest of upholstered fabrics. The following important steps will be taken in cleaning your upholstery:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Our technician will point out any potential permanent stains or areas of concern. We will give you an evaluation of expected results.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum
All textiles should be vacuumed thoroughly before cleaning. This step will remove dry soils and any loose particles from cracks and crevices.

Step 3: Pre-Treat
Depending on your fabric, a special solution designed for your fabric type and the soiling condition will be applied to "emulsify" the soil.

Step 4: Pre-Groom
The fabric will then be gently groomed using soft upholstery brushes to further loosen the soil.

Step 5: Soil Extraction and Neutralizing Rinse
The soil is then extracted from the fabric with a gentle, controlled rinse with a special upholstery extraction tool. The fabric is then pH balanced to maintain its soft, fresh feel.

Step 6: Fabric Protection Applied
Most of our clients know the importance of having a fabric protection applied. We use a quality fabric protector on your fine furnishings.

*For longer fabric life and fewer permanent stains, have Fine Fabric Protector applied!!

Fiber/Fabric Protection

Fiber and fabric protectors are an important investment to make when you have freshly cleaned carpet & upholstery. There are so many benefits to having a protector applied to all of your carpet and furnishings. In so many cases in our industry cleaners will sell protector but only apply water so you think that protector doesn't work. Our clients trust us to apply protector which we keep in a dedicated sprayer that has had nothing else in it but a high quality protector. We never use the same sprayer container that we use for applying cleaning solutions; this way only the protector is being applied. Also, we buy only the best of products & solutions to use in your home.

A nylon stain-resist carpet is made with two protective properties: The first is an acid dye blocker that is basically a clear dye that fills the extra dye sites in a fiber. This helps to keep "foreign" dyes, such as red dye in a beverage, from penetrating the carpet fiber. The second property is called a "fluorochemical". It is commonly known as 3M Scotchgard® or DuPont Teflon®. This treatment helps keep spillage from actually getting to the acid dye blocker, but its biggest job is to resist dry soil.

By resisting dry soil, less soil bonds to the carpet, which then can be picked up by your vacuum or cleaning. Making sure that you have a sufficient amount of protector on your carpet will help keep the soil from bonding to the carpet. Once it bonds to the carpet, it acts like sandpaper on your traffic area. Once the traffic area yarns are broken down, there is no way to bring them back to their original state because of the actual fiber loss.

4 Mistakes Other Cleaners Make in Applying Protector:

  1. Not using high quality protector. Discount protectors are not as effective and sometimes void the warranty of the carpet. Our company uses only the highest quality, recommended protectors.
  2. Not using a dedicated container. Using a used container for carpet protector has other cleaner residue in the container, which will contaminate the carpet protector making it gummy and ineffective.
  3. Not applying the product properly. Some cleaners either under-apply or over- apply the protector. Under-applying doesn’t allow for complete penetration on the carpet yarns. Over-applying causes the carpet to become overly stiff and crusty. Our company technicians are diligently trained for proper application.
  4. Not grooming the carpet. For the best performance, the product should be groomed into the carpet for maximum penetration. This ensures contact with all surfaces of the carpet yarn and proper distribution and drying. Our company thoroughly grooms the protector into the carpet pile.

6 Reasons You Should Always Get Carpet Protector:

  1. Reduces permanent stains. A great looking carpet can be ruined by an ugly spot. Unprotected carpet doesn’t repel spillage as well as protected carpet. Being able to remove spots and spills more effectively, you can avoid permanent staining.
  2. Helps save your traffic areas from becoming destroyed. Traffic area soil is very abrasive and cuts carpet yarns like a knife. This damaging soil can easily bond to an unprotected carpet. By applying protector, you will increase the life of your carpet dramatically. When you vacuum your protected carpet the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively.
  3. Make spots easier to remove. The easier a spot is to remove, the less cleaner you will have to use, the less agitation you will have to use, and the less time it will take.
  4. Makes your next professional cleaning more effective. Having protector applied to your carpet will enhance your next cleaning. More soil will be removed the next time your carpeting is professionally cleaned.
  5. Helps avoid costly service calls. Although you want to call us to handle any spot you cannot remove immediately, carpet protector helps you remove more spots than you could without protector. You may be able to save a minimum charge by removing the spot yourself.
  6. The result of having a protector applied to your carpet is that your carpet will look better and last longer.

How to Prepare for Steam Masters

  1. Pick up any small items such as shoes, clothes and toys.
  2. Move any plants out of the area that is being cleaned.
  3. Remove items from under beds, pin up any bed skirting and window curtains.
  4. Depending on the entrance we will use, you will need to clear the way for our hoses and equipment so we can bring them through the entrance.
  5. Please make sure that your pets have been put in an area where they are safely out of the way while we are cleaning your home.
  6. If your pet has soiled the carpet you will need to remove the poop before we arrive...we do not handle that. We will clean up the spots that are left behind.

Things we do not move:

  1. Televisions
  2. Entertainment Centers
  3. Heavy furniture
  4. Beds & heavy bedroom furniture
  5. Breakables
  6. Antiques

Carpet Repair

Steam Masters are the experts to call on when it comes to all carpet repair. We have the commitment and the expertise that guarantees satisfaction to all of our customers, both residential and commercial alike.

We take pride in our outstanding history of quality service and attention to detail. Our philosophy is to treat your home or place of business as we would our own. Service and quality are the results you'll get when you choose Steam Masters for any of your carpet repair needs.

  • Is your budget restricting you from buying new carpet for your home, rental property or business?
  • Do you need another year or two out of your existing carpet?
  • Do you have wrinkles or waves in your carpet?
  • Do you have a stain in your carpet that won't come out?
  • Did your pet dig a hole in your carpet?
  • Do you need to have your carpet re-attached and finished up to the new tile or wood flooring just recently installed?

Steam Masters Carpet Repair Crew Can Handle All Of Your Repair Needs

Do you need carpet repairs? Do your carpets have bulges, waves, holes, tears or unsightly seams? Have you had enough of those unfixed carpet repair eyesores? Just because there is a little damage does not mean you need total replacement. Carpet repair can mean simple seam repair, power stretching, or patching and that may be all that is needed to bring back the great look of your carpet. Don't forget the carpet cleaning.

Whether you need seam repair or simple carpet stretching and patching, Steam Masters' Repair Team is equipped to handle all your needs. Even carpet flood repair work!

All Carpet Repairs are Guaranteed for Life!

We make sure you're 100% pleased with the workmanship provided. When you call to schedule your free Carpet Repair Estimate, ask us for details on our Carpet Repair Guarantee.

Expert Carpet Repair Services

Steam Masters carpet repair crew can handle all of your repair needs - even replace padding and tack strips and repair holes and large permanently stained areas with new carpet, to where you can't even notice your carpet was damaged!

Carpet Repair Services Offered

We walk on carpets, play on carpets, entertain and much more - so no wonder carpets get worn and torn. Here is a list of the kinds of carpet repair issues we've helped solve:

  • Pet stain repairs and odor repair
  • Pet bites, holes, and tears
  • Cat claw holes and loose fibers
  • Burn holes and burn repairs from cigarettes and candles
  • Rust and permanent stain transfer repairs
  • Ruffled carpet, wavy carpet, loose carpet
  • Carpet seams and fixing loose carpet seams
  • Flood repair and flood repair replacement
  • Permanent carpet stains- Kool-Aid, Lipstick and more
  • Carpet ripple repair
  • Carpet bulge repair
  • Carpet threshold additions between rooms
  • Carpets detached from tack strips
  • Replacing tack strips and rotted tack strips
  • Carpet repairs on exposed seams

Our Guarantee

"Any of the rooms or areas that we restretch, we will guarantee for the life of the carpet at no charge. We're just a phone call away".

Contact Us Today! 352-874-3530

Commercial Services

There are five elements to Steam Masters customized comprehensive carpet care program:

  1. Soil Containment
    Isolation of soil entering the building using mats at entrances.
  2. Vacuuming
    Frequent removal, by customer, of dry soil using a CRI approved "Seal of Approval/Green Label (SOA/GL)" vacuum.
  3. Spot and Spill Removal Plan
    The certified professionals at Steam Masters are ready for immediate spot and spill removal.
  4. Interim Cleaning
    Frequent scheduled cleanings for all traffic areas.
  5. Restorative Cleaning
    Frequent scheduled deep cleanings to remove residues and trapped soils.

Proper, consistent carpet maintenance is critical to extending the life of the carpet, sustaining an optimum performance and appearance level, and maintaining a healthy indoor environment within your facility. With the professional help provided by Steam Masters we’re able to develop and implement a complete maintenance program for your commercial facilities that fits your specific needs and budget.

Commercial Cleaning Chart

Carpet & Rug

Your commercial carpet installation is a significant investment, both in monetary terms and overall facility image. A consistent and effective carpet maintenance program can preserve the facility image and dramatically extend the life of your carpet investment by:

  • Allowing for the healthy reuse of space and materials
  • Maintaining the value of property and reducing the rate of depreciation
  • Contributing directly to personal security, comfort and productivity
  • Accenting aesthetics
  • Managing waste and hazards and contributing to environmental protection
  • Ensuring sanitation

Tile & Grout

From deep cleaning to protection and restoration services, Steam Masters can help with all of your tile and grout cleaning needs. Just like carpet, dirt builds up over time, dulling your tile’s appearance and discoloring your grout. Our thorough, high pressure tile & grout cleaning removes the deep-down dirt that lies within the pores of your grout lines that mopping just cannot get do. Keep your tile and grout looking its best with Steam Masters.

Clear Sealant

Our professionals can apply a clear sealant to cleaned grout lines to help them resist dirt and spills before they can be absorbed, and protect grout between cleanings.


Regular commercial upholstery cleaning can add years of life to your office furniture. Dirt and harsh particles that cause fiber damage and discoloration of the fabric.

Steam Masters professional upholstery cleaning can bring fabrics back to their original coloring and return it to like new condition. Our upholstery cleaning process cleans deep down below the surface to wash away harsh, abrasive particles that, if ignored, can rub against delicate fabrics and damage them. Steam Masters utilizes gentle, effective furniture cleaning agents for just about any material. This includes synthetic fabrics, cotton and cotton blends, cotton, velvet, velour and leather. Your office furniture will sparkle when we are finished!

Ways We Better Help You

  • Free Estimates 24/7
  • 1 Hour Response
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Experience You Can Trust
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • I.I.C.R.C. Certified Technicians
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Your Professional Source for Water Damage Restoration

When performed properly, water removal, mold prevention & complete restorative drying of your home or business can save you thousands of dollars in mold remediation and water damage repairs. Whether you are facing wet carpets, walls or wet hardwood floors Steam Masters can safely mitigate the water, prevent mold and any other further damage and get your home or business back to normal in less than a few days in most cases.

As the tri-county's premier water restoration company, we have learned that response time, quality of service and cost all have to come together if water extraction service is to be effective and reduce further damage. By choosing Steam Masters certified water cleanup & damage restoration division to perform the correct water restoration procedures, we are able to ensure you quality results, every time. From just a simple water extraction to a more complex water damage restoration & reconstruction project, our team has what you need, when you need it, at a reasonable cost.

We Specialize in Fast and Affordable Water Removal

When a water leak occurs, getting a crew quickly to do water damage control is important to lowering cost in restoration repairs and preventing mold. On a 24 Hour basis, our water extraction teams are locally dispatched to your area with the correct water detection, removal and drying equipment needed to restore your home or business quickly. By reducing your water removal response time, we are able to ensure you’ll have to perform less repairs and receive quality mold free, water restoration results every time. All our water removal, extraction and restoration services come with an unconditional warranty.

Contact Our Certified Water Restoration Professionals Today

At Steam Masters, we focus not only on serving our customers to the fullest, but being the water damage restoration company that can reduce your headaches, solve your problems and mitigate property loss. In short, we strive to be the restoration partner who tailors our services to mitigate water damage and return everyone's life to normal again. We invite you to explore our services and receive an overview of all we can offer. We're ready to be your strong partner, your vendor of choice, storm and water mitigation specialists...Steam Masters.